EP review from sunny LA

Another review. This ones from sunny LA.

Here’s what they say about Willie Dixon’s Little Red Rooster.

“The closer is so badass that I had to kick off my penultimate paragraph with that statement. It’s a nasty, gritty, sinister cut where M.Antonio waxes existential, referring both to himself as the little red rooster and commenting, “There’s been no peace in the farmyard / since my rooster’s been gone.” The electric guitar riffs are exactly what I want from my nightmarish blues artists, and of course there’s the searing harmonica that cauterizes the wounds M.Antonio has delivered thus far. The string hits are seductive as hell, but the lyrics never let you forget that there is an element of danger in M.Antonio’s music. “

See the full review here. http://www.theequalground.com/1/post/2013/10/mantonio-slingshot-diaries.html

Thanks Melbourne


Hometown shows always hit the spot. And this was no exception. Had been a few crazy weeks leading up to this with promo, radio, rehearsals, flying round and hotels. I was glad to be playing hometown.

Take my hat off to everyone that came by. And of course the band Josh, Scotty and Dan.

Here’s what the Internet says about the show

See ya at the next gig